Four Hearts in a Celtic Knot, Hand Cut Coin.

Four Hearts in a Celtic Knot, Hand Cut Coin.

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The Celtic Hearts is a Celtic design, incorporating the Celtic Knot design with four hearts interwoven. This is a beautiful design, intending to show the recipient that you are forever in their hearts. It also has Celtic styling which uses interwoven patterns symbolising eternity and connection.

Available as pendants, earrings and key fobs.

This coin can be cut onto any larger style coin from 2.8cm upwards.

All of my coin pendants are hand cut using a jeweller's piercing saw, a hand drill and some beeswax.

They all come on an organic waxed cotton cord, adjustable in length to suit your needs.


  • Dimensions: 28mm x 28mm.
  • Coin: Silver.
  • Cord: Organic cotton and bees wax.