Bob Marley, Hand Cut Coin.

Bob Marley, Hand Cut Coin.

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This hand cut coin depicts Bob Marley in his classic smiling pose from when he was in his prime :) An absolute legend in so many ways. I hope you like it!

This coin is cut from a worn Victorian penny to give it a very smooth finish, meaning that the lines are extra crisp, to show off every detail. I use these for all my face designs as I've found that they always come out with more crisp and defined features when the coin is worn and smooth.

Available as pendants, earrings and key fobs.

All of my coins are hand cut using a jeweller's piercing saw, a hand drill and some beeswax.

They all come on an organic waxed cotton cord, adjustable in length to suit your needs!


  • Dimensions: 28mm x 28mm.
  • Coin: Copper.
  • Cord: Organic cotton and bees wax.