Welcome to my new site and new blog.

As you all know, this is an extremely strange and difficult time, for everyone, and for so many different reasons.

As an independent craftsman, it has brought up many new challenges for me. I have always travelled to different places - from Devon in England to several countries in Europe and even in numerous places around the entire coast of Australia - selling my jewellery at markets, festivals and events along the way. I absolutely love the adventure of exploring new places, meeting new customers and thrive on showing them not only my unique products, but passionately explaining and demonstrating how I make my hand cut coin jewellery.

Isolation and travel restrictions has meant that all that has come to a temporary end. Instead of dwelling on that, I am having to adapt (like the rest of you) and am now focusing on continuing my business and showing you my crafts online. I have just developed my new website, which will include photos and a catalogue of my products as well as a blog, videos and eventually online tutorials and workshops.

I have been working on new friendship pendants that can be separated and sent to friends and loved ones, with the knowledge that when you are re-united, the special piece of coin jewellery will also be complete.

I feel that, during this time, we all have abilities and passions that we finally have the time to focus on and I hope that we are all going to come out of this with a greater sense of creativity, social interaction and a much greater sense of community and the importance of our freedom to express ourselves and to explore new activities. Hopefully this will be the next step in an awakening of our consciousness, individually and collectively. We just need to get through this with as much of a positive attitude as we can muster.

This is the first part of a continuous blog, hopefully one which will include my travels and interactions with people from all over this beautiful planet. In the meantime, stay creative, and show each other that we care and that things we may take for granted during the normal daily grind of the modern world are special. We all are.


Lots of love, and stay healthy.